Thursday, 15 July 2010

About final show

If flaneur is considered as a static object, in flaneur's eyes, the city can be regarded as a constantly changing sturcture. The idea of the forth one comes from this point. It is a symbol of this specail individuals in the middle of the picture.

The third one is about walking randomly in the urban space. So i chose a special perspective to show different path and stairs designed in the air, which make people get different level and different platform to percieve the space.

The second Picture is about flaneur's invisible character in urban space.Because this special individuls often are neglected by other people and often does not keep pace with changes of development of a city.

The second skeches about Information Collector

Skethces about the future of London

I wanna draw 4 pictures about how a flanuer can be and what their characters are.The first picture is about flaneur's first character about observing people's lives, buildings, sturctures and communities. In the picture, the red object can be considered as a tool which search for informations of the street.And the background is the future of London.

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