Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Space Explanation

Urban spatial meaning showed by flâneur is observing existing detailed in a space through walking randomly in the city and the details in the reaction of the city spirit is more persuasive than buildings. In other words, the cognition on space not only is an understanding about existing constructions but also includes some understandings about the weather, people, community, lifestyle and so forth.

The details of the urban space are flâneur’s indispensable part which constitute the impression of a city, and are the core of understanding and cognition of the urban space. However, these details are often ignored and forgotten by people in the process of urban rapid changes. Actually, broadly speaking, architectural environment constitutes the urban space structure, while people in the city and the skin of these structure form the urban meanings and spirit.

My project based on the streets which can be regard as a symbol of a city to certain extend, records and analyzes every detail in the street and breaks these analyzed documents into different parts with various perspective.This model is used as a tool to recieve the information of urban space.Every piece is a reflection of every detail of a street. These details can be materials of buildings or movements of people in the street. At the same time, the camera is a recorder which records changing views of getting through the urban space. The way of collecting the information of urban space is by walking in the city randomly. In the other word, this model can be considered as a "Flaneur" pulled to walk in the street of a city to obeseve every event happened in the urban space.

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